My name is Drew Clark.  I've been practicing bodywork and massage therapy since 2004.  It's been quite a journey thus far and expect the next ten years to continue to be rewarding with its never-ending challenge of being the best facilitator possible. 

For me, posture or what I like to call bodymindcore awareness is something worth putting some energy (work) into. Improving your posture is an empowering process. I believe that the journey is worth the time and money. Are you ever going to be perfect? No. It's not about trying to fit into someone's idea of what's normal. Also, it's not about where your starting out at. Doesn't matter. It's about the journey of ascending upward. Opening, finding balance. Breath. It's impossible to get this from a book, or a research study. Practice is the only way of knowing, or awakening to its potential. There is some interesting psychology research being done about posture right now, all about the brain right. Anyway, getting into your body, integrating body, mind and breath. Learning how to integrate your movements with breath can be life changing for some that are ready.

Awareness is the first step, as we've discussed. Talking with our clients about possible things they could be doing to themselves is important. 

Yoga is a important part of my practice and integrate bits into my massage and bodywork practice.   Together with Core Bodywork training,  Yoga practice, PMTC Massage Cert. Training along with other personal holistic work,  I'm able to put together a powerful session customized to help each individual to help find there own wholeness and well being.  


Sincerely,  Drew Clark LMT


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